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Sabbathday Lake Shakers Look toward the Future

29 October 2011

In addition to some clearing up some factual errors in my 22 September post, “Irene and the Shakers”, on 26 September, Br. Arnold wrote, “Also do not write us off just yet.  God has a strange sense of humor to confound the wise and learned.  Yesterday we had another Novice join us – a woman – and we are expecting a man to be here in October so we are confident in a future!”

I wish them good times of community building and discernment in the months ahead, and  share their hope for the future of their faith.


There’s a Stain on My Tablecloth!

Hi friends and readers. I’ve been a bad little blogger lately, but I’ve got a few pieces in the works, and hope to post something more substantive soon. In the meantime, here’s a little tidbit prompted by some of life’s recent challenges.

May peace be upon you, your loved ones and your neighbors on this solemn day.

We had company for dinner a while ago, new neighbors. Nothing fancy: we served pizza from the local pizzeria and a tomato, red onion and cucumber salad, made from vegetables brought back from the Hamilton (NY) Farmers’ Market, tossed with good olive oil and balsamic vinegar.

Food stains differ, like relationships. Some are immediately visible, like tomato sauce; some are difficult to get rid of, such as mustard. Some look bad to start (coffee), but turn out to be much less troublesome than anticipated.

Oil stains are maddening. Whether on a shirt or a tablecloth, they are often nearly invisible – just a subtle darkening of the fabric. Treat them right away with “Shout!” and the problem is solved.

IF, however, the stain goes unnoticed or ignored, and the skirt or tablecloth is left untended, the oil creeps silently outward through the fabric like a silent epidemic, until it forms a large blotch, and the trousers or tablecloth transmogrify tragically into slouchwear or a drop cloth.

Keep an eye out for those stains! Shine a bright light on your foulard or tablecloth or life right after your new acquaintances have left. Treat your stains early, or you may find your waistcoat or tablecloth or future spotted for good. And what a waste that would be.